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Workshop Projects
Sharing workshop knowledge, experiences and safety tips with other woodworkers and homeowners in the formats of blogs and woodworking videos for the purpose of promoting woodcraft and woodworking education … and also just to have some good ol' plain fun too!
Dogwood Tales provides quality and affordable hardwood floor refinishing and custom woodwork for the home or the office. We are equipped to fabricate various sizes of cabinets, shelves, tables, desks, reception desks, etc. and outdoor projects such as storage buildings and sheds for your yard. At Dogwood Tales we welcome small and challenging projects for custom woodworking or cabinetry.
When it comes to refinishing hardwood floors on a tight budget and a busy schedule we understand that having floors refinished in your home or office can be a major inconvenience. That is why we look for a solution that works best for both your schedule and your budget.
In our experience we have found that the woodworking community is generous in sharing knowledge to promote the craft, to help each other out, and to just have fun at it. With this thought in mind we dedicate a section of this site to provide woodworking education in the formats of blogs and videos. We also provide helpful tips for Home Ec, such as How to make your laundry soap. Both the woodworker and the DIY homeowner will find many helpful tips and techniques to use in the shop and around the house.

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Workshop Projects


Sorry - Dogwood Tales LLC has been restructured and currently is not accepting flooring jobs.

Dogwood Tales provides quality custom woodwork for your home or office.


Small projects are welcome!


Learn more about custom woodwork and furniture repair by Dogwood Tales.

Workshop Projects
Sharing information about home ec basics, Dogwood Tales has sensible and environmentally friendly home improvement tips, home ec tips and ideas for your house, your home, your DIY home improvement project, and home organization. Check Dogwood Tales often for the latest home improvement content.

Home Ec Projects

It seems that a woodworker and the DIY homeowner are never truly finished with his or her workshop or home. A woodworkers workshop and a house are often ongoing projects that never end. We may get by with what we have, for the time being, but theres always something that could use improvement if its even just a personal want and not a need. Well, the Dogwood Tales workshop is no different.

Follow me along with the latest plans for a woodworking workshop with projects from simple workshop jig plans to a workshop floor plan. I'll even share some free workshop plans with some of these workshop projects. Along with that I will share my own home improvement and home ec ideas and projects for my own home and some things I do for customers as well.

What do I have planned for the My Workshop segment of this website?

Workshop floor plans and the best workshop plans include efficient workshop storage. That means we need things like adequate workshop wall cabinets. These cabinets are essential for an organized storage system of your workshop items that make them easy to get out when needed and, just as important, easy to put away. After all, if its not easy to put the item away, then theres an increased temptation to just leave it out. This results in extra clutter around the workshop possibly adding tripping hazards not safe! Additionally, if an unneeded tool is left out not only is there an increased risk of personal injury to you, but of that tool getting damaged by getting knocked off the workbench or something of that nature.

My workshop was originally just a one car garage in the basement of my house, so when I developed my first set of plans for a woodworking workshop I had to develop some efficient garage plans with workshop . Some of what I have developed for my workshop was inspired by the much admired New Yankee Workshop (I mean, come on, who doesn't admire that?). Up until now my workshop layout has worked well for me, but it needs improvement to optimize the available floor space and to allow me to work more efficiently as a home based woodworking business.

What are you working on or have planned for your workshop?

As I said at the top, a woodworkers workshop is never truly finished.  I have many ideas in store for the workshop segment of my web site and look forward to sharing the adventure with you. As iron sharpens iron, so man sharpens his fellow man. With that thought in mind any woodworker can always help and be helped by another woodworker. So please stay tuned to my workshop page and let me know what you're working on in your workshop FOR your workshop and lets have fun working on our workshops together!

What do I have planned for the Home Ec Projects segment of this website?

Just like a workshop, a home is never really ever finished. There's always something that you will want to do, if not need to do. A new paint job in that old bathroom, fixing that creaking floor board, new storage ideas for small homes ... the list goes on. Join me on my journey into homeowner storage solutions, home improvement projects, and home ec solutions. You will find information on how to save money by doing simple things like making your own laundry detergent, cleaning and repairing a dishwasher, and more!

Home Ec Projects
Workshop Projects
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