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Featured Woodworking Project

In this featured custom woodworking project I crafted an island kitchen counter top from solid zebra wood (Microberlinia brazzavillensis), which grows in areas such as West Africa. Zebra wood is a very dense hardwood, which makes it a great choice for a counter top that will get a lot of use. This counter top is finished with clear lacquer, which is durable enough for this particular application and, being a much more clear finish than most varnishes, it does a great job at highlighting the natural beauty of this wood.

In this particular home the contrasting light and dark stripes, which are akin to maple and walnut, compliment the color scheme of the kitchen. (At the time of this video recording the customer was not yet finished with color scheme of her kitchen.)

Kitchen Island Counter Top Made With Solid Zebra Wood

I have been doing custom woodwork and cabinetry for people for over five years now. My hand made wood projects have included things such as

dinning room tables


office furniture

personalized shelves

custom fit wine racks

built-in book shelves

shoe cubbies

Bunk beds

custom-fit counter tops

... and many more such items.

I've even been hired to make doll furniture such as a doll bed made of solid cherry wood with a natural finish.

I also do furnture repairs such as chair repairs, repairing or patching veneers, refinishing dining room furniture and more.

In addition to custom woodwork I have designed and built custom storage solutions in homes as well as storage buildings in the yard.

I do trim work such as installing base and toe molding.

Some projects I've done are simple and small projects that some cabinate makers are not likely to do such as a custom fit shelf for an existing cabinet.

One such project I did was to make a pull out shelf as a television stand that fit into an antique wardrobe.


So if you have a special, custom-fit woodworking or cabinetry project that you want to have done for your home or office, please contact me for a free estimate. I would be glad to review your personalized woodworking project and search for a workable solution custom fit to meet your needs and your budget.

Custom Woodworking and Cabinetry in Cincinnati, OH

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