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Please Note Mathematical Correction to the video:

My math on the cost wasn't entirely correct. $20 is NOT the cost per year. $20 is the cost of the initial investment of one box of borax, one box of washing soda and one bar of Fels Naptha soap. However, the boxes of Borax and soda go a long long way and probably make a couple hundred gallons of laundry detergent with the additional cost of a bar of the Fels for every 10 gallons.

In short 1.32 gallons of the brand name I was buying at Sam's Club cost about $19-20, but 1.32 gallons of this homemade soap costs me $0.66 and less than a half hour to make 10 gallons of the stuff. So I'm saving $19 per jug of laundry soap.


The formula is


Other items you will need:


The Process:

Day One

  1. Grate 1 bar of Fels Naptha Soap into small particles.
  2. Slowly mix the grated soap into 4-8 cups warm water in a sauce pan over medium heat until all of the soap is completely dissolved.
  3. Mix the washing soda and Borax into about a gallon of warm to hot water in a 5 gallon bucket.
  4. Mix the melted Fels Naptha Soap into the 5 gallon bucket.
  5. Slowly add hot tap water to the 5 gallon bucket and mix it as it fills to the 5 gallon fill line.
  6. Put the lid on the 5 gallon bucket and let it sit overnight.


Day Two

  1. Uncover the 5 gallon bucket. The soapy mix may have gelled over night.
  2. Stir this soapy mix until the gel becomes liquid (a drill and paint mixer work really well here).
  3. Transfer the soapy mix into secondary jugs (old laundry detergent jugs, used milk jugs whatever you want).
  4. When transferring use a funnel and mix the soapy mix 50/50 with water.


Makes 10 Gallons of laundry detergent


Suggested Use Instructions:


I've heard that some people will add a 10-15 drops of essential or other things to add a desired odor to the soap.


Final note:

I kind of erred in my math in the video regarding the cost.

About $20 will buy one box of Borax, one box of washing soda and one bar of Fels Naptha soap.

The boxes of Borax and washing soda will provide enough to make several 10 gallon batches of laundry soap.

However, you will need to buy a bar of the Fels Naptha soap for each batch of 10 gallons.

But that's only about $4.00.

Currently I am on my 3rd or 4th 10 gallon batch and I still have plenty of the Borax and washing soda left.

So after buying a total of four bars of Fels Naptha Soap, plus a box of Borax and and a box of washing soda, my cost is about $32 for 40 gallons of laundry detergent.

That's less than what 2-3 gallons of name brand laundry soap would have cost me!


How To Make Your Own Laundry Detergent