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Floor Refinishing Process

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Below is a review of the process of floor refinishing, what you can expect as the customer and what Dogwood Tales LLC expects as the company contracted for your floor refinishing needs.

However, the customer is advised to visit the Dogwood Tales LLC website for floor refinishing,, and read through the website thoroughly for more information about the process of floor refinishing and/or ask the contractor for clarification as desired.


DUST – Generally speaking, standard floor refinishing is a messy and dusty process. Sanding hardwood floors generates a lot of fine, wood dust. Some of this dust is captured in the dust collection on the sanding tools, some of the dust falls to the floor immediately and some of the dust gets air born and is capable of being transmitted throughout the building via HVAC systems and general air movement. Dogwood Tales LLC can take reasonable measures to help contain the dust to the work area (the work area is the area where floors are being refinished), but this usually only limits the amount of dust that is transferred into the rest of the building and does not prevent all dust from being transmitted outside of the work area. Dogwood Tales LLC will clean up only the dust that needs to be removed to complete the floor refinishing process successfully and does not clean up all dust throughout the building.

 A skim sanding and recoat generates far less dust, but still does generate some dust. The customer can expect the need to clean up a light dusting on horizontal surfaces.

 In either case above the customer is advised to remove decorations, window treatments, pictures etc. from the area to be refinished.


PAINT ISSUES – Dogwood Tales LLC will not sand a painted floor for two reasons. First, short of expensive testing, there is no way to be assured that the paint is lead free. Secondly, paint can get deep into the texture of the wood and between floor boards and will not look presentable in the finished results.


BASE TRIM and TOE MOLD – Dogwood Tales LLC takes reasonable care to prevent damage to trim around the base of the wall and other structures. However, in the process of a complete sanding to bare wood on the floors, sometimes the paint or finish on such trim can be unintentionally marred, chipped or scratched. Furthermore, stripping the floor finish in corners and along tight areas, such as where the stair riser meets the step tread, often requires the use of a scraper. Sometimes the scraping action will cause some paint to chip off along the edge.

Typically a skim sanding and recoat is far less aggressive than a complete sanding and is much less likely to cause such marring or scratches.

Reasonable care is taken to protect the adjoining painted surfaces, but marring, scratching and/or chipping the paint cannot be prevented 100%. Therefore the customer is advised to anticipate the possibility of having to perform some touch-up painting along base trim and stair risers.


PAYMENT – Dogwood Tales LLC only accepts payments in US dollars. A deposit is required prior to the start of floor refinishing work. The deposit is required to secure time in the contractor’s schedule for the customer’s requested floor refinishing project. Payment for the balance is required to be paid in full upon completion of the floor refinishing job. Payments may be made by cash or check, made payable to Dogwood Tales LLC. Dogwood Tales LLC does accept payments via Paypal to Paypal ID However, the customer must pay the Paypal transaction fee (currently at 2.9%). If the customer neglects to pay the transaction fee at the time of payment, then the customer will be billed for the transaction fee and will be expected to pay the fee, by cash or check only, within 10 days of the invoice.



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